Thursday, June 23, 2005

The realities of backpacking

Seeing the world as a backpacker is definitely a defining experience. First of all, I thought our six week trip was a long endeavor until I met people traveling for months and even for years. It is not uncommon for Australians to travel for a year or two or even more as we discovered.
Also, as freeing as it might seem to live out of a backpack, after a while your pack becomes a weight and you start ditching things along the way you once thought valuable just because your back is breaking under the weight.
I have also learned on this trip that you may stay in places with bedbugs, you are never to proud to sleep on a dirty ship floor for eight hours, that having clean clothes is something you once had, you can get sick in route and you will most definitely take many forms of travel; on foot, ship, hydrafoil, taxi, charter bus, mini van bus and random strangers.
We have two weeks left and four countries to see, we have dirty clothes but many new friends. Would I choose to do this trip again knowing what I know so far and have experienced-yes!